Finally, a Permanent Solution For Your Pet Stain & Odor Problems...

Developed By A Chemist...

FurryFreshness was developed by a team of experts lead by a chemist who really understands how chemicals and bacteria react to each other. Allowing us to formulate a premium pet stain and smell remover that is light years away from the competition!

Triggers Stains & Smells to Evaporate...

The unique formula in FurryFreshness causes the bacteria creating your stains and smells to breakdown into pure oxygen and water causing them to literally evaporate away!


Furry Freshness Works On

Look what FurryFreshness was able to remove with only one application...

100% Money Back Guarantee

We know that as soon as you try FurryFreshness, you'll never need another cleaner again. In fact, we're so confident in the power of FurryFreshness at removing ANY of your stains, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you try FurryFreshness and don't 100% love it, we will refund your money and you don't need to return or ship anything back to us!

If you could remove ALL of your stains and smells without having to pay to replace the carpet, how much would you be willing to pay?

Well Now You Can... with FurryFreshness!

For only $26.95!

FurryFreshness Features:

  • Enzyme-Free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe to use around children and plants
  • Odorless
  • Removes ANYTHING that can come out of a living being
  • 100% guarenteed to work, or your money back
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Have A Question...? It's probably answered Below

  • Q.Is there anything that can come out of my pet that FurryFreshness CAN'T remove?

    A.No! FurryFreshness will 100% remove any type of liquid or substance that can come from the inside of your pets and family members.

  • Q.Will it work on hardwood floors?

    A.Yes, but we advise you use a light amount and wipe up FurryFreshness within 10 minutes to avoid seepage underneath the flooring.

  • Q.Does FurryFreshness require any scrubbing?

    A.In most cases no! A simple spray and walk away will remove your stain and smells. But for tougher situations, multiple applications and light scrubbing may be necessary.

  • Q.Can I use FurryFreshness in a carpet cleaner?

    A.Furry Freshness was not designed for carpet cleaning machines, however you can incorporate FurrFreshness by following a few steps;

    1) Let FurryFreshness sit in the carpet and work for a few hours, don’t immediately suck it back up. 2) When putting FurryFreshness into the machine DO NOT dilute it with water 3) After applying FurryFreshness with the machine you DO NOT need to suck it back up at all. Our solution will break down into pure forms of oxygen and H2O within a few hours and any bacteria will be extracted and vaporized in the process.

  • Q.Does FurryFreshness have a scent?

    A.FurryFreshness does not have a smell at all, it is completely odorless thus never masking a smell but completely removing the odor causing bacterias behind it.

  • Q.What ingredients make up FurryFreshness?

    A.FurryFreshness uses a proprietary form of stabilized oxygen as bacteria cannot grow when oxygen is present, to break down and vaporize the bacteria causing the stains and smells. This is why airborne smells may temporarily become worse after spraying FurryFreshness as the bacteria has been extracted and is in the process of vaporizing.

    Our oxygen solution does not contain ANY harsh chemicals, dyes and is completely scent-free therefore it is safe to use around children, pets and plants.