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What Are Others Saying About FurryFreshness?

Before I share how wonderful the product worked for me, I wanted to first mention just how nice the quality of the spray bottle was. Most bottles these days have a very flimsy and cheap feeling trigger on them that often breaks. The one on FurryFreshness is extremely sturdy!

Now onto how well the product worked for me.
My son was recently visiting and his dog had gotten sick on my carpet with terrible diarrhea. The smell was awful, but I had just received a sample size of FurryFreshness and decided this would be the most optimal test to see if it really worked or not. So I followed the directions on the bottle and removed as much of the mess and I could, then heavily sprayed the accident on the carpet. I went out for dinner, and when I returned, I noticed the smell had disappeared and 75% of the stain was gone! So I simply sprayed the spot a 2nd time and let it sit overnight.
The next morning, the stain was completely gone!

I even got down on my hand and knees to smell the carpet to see if any of the terrible smell remained, and it was completely gone as well.
FurryFreshness is an extremely powerful and easy to use product that removed a terrible accident at my house!

- Jeanette J., Haslett, MI - Purchased 32oz Bottle

Thank you so much, this is the best cleaner ever!!!

- Linda A., Royal Oak, MI - Purchased 32oz & Gallon

100% Money Back Guarantee

We know that as soon as you try FurryFreshness, you'll never need another cleaner again. In fact, we're so confident in the power of FurryFreshness at removing ANY of your stains, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you try FurryFreshness and don't 100% love it, we will refund your money and you don't need to return or ship anything back to us!

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